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  • Celebrating Print Making in September!
    TLuke_the wheel.jpg
    Want to know about Printmaking techniques?
    This month, our Printmakers’ Showcase is on display in the gallery now thru October 3rd. Come in & check out the show! 
    Brush up on a few basics...
    Bring in any favorite print for custom framing during the month & receive 20% off your projects in the Frame Studio. 
    With one of the largest selctions in town, its easy to design an amazing new addition to your walls within your budget.
  • Matthew's Art Joke
    Quill: How many Artists does it take to paint a light bulb?
    Gum: One, but it depends on the motivation.
  • Wendy's Art Archival Tips
    Want to keep your art looking as awesome and vibrant as the day you first bought it?
    Well, I think any piece worth framing is worth preserving So... Conservation materials are the way to go!
    Your favorite framer should be able to educate you on all the options & benefits of UV protectant glass in clear or anti reflection finishes, acid free matting & museum mounting processes to protect your cherished treasures.
  • Artist Spotlight: Esther Morrison Smith
    Ester Smith.jpg
    Esther Smith, is a multi-talented and versatile individual. 
    She uses a variety of mediums to create her pieces, and approaches her art in several very distinctive ways.  Let’s start with the most unusual: using Citra Solv, which is a cleaning product made from orange peels that is used to alter pages from National Geographic magazines. Once applied to selected pages, new images are created which are then interpreted by Esther into her own creation.
  • Inspiring the Artist: Shiloh Sophia - Lick the Fire
    You don’t have to trust the process.
    You just have to keep moving forward
    through the fear.
    If we had certainty,
    if we could control the outcome
    the risk wouldn’t be there
    and without the risk
    the growth does not run deep.
    And believe me, it would
    not be nearly as fun, or
    transformative. I try
    not to promise trust,
    or safety. Art is not safe
  • Matthew's Art Joke
    Quill: Why are two Artists like underwear?
    Gum: Because they are a pair of drawers!
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